Run Multiple PHP or Xampp in Linux

Steps 💡

    1. Go to – Downloads Xampp for Linux
    2. Download .run file of Xampp of your choice (in linux name of xampp is lampp)
    3. Open a terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal).
    4. enter cd /home/user/Downloads
    5. enter chmod +x
    6. enter ./
    7. Finish installation and goto /opt/lampp and rename it to ‘lampp-version’
    8. Then run install another .run file of lampp same as above lampp
    9.  Check your PHP version using the command :=  php  -v
    10. Create a symlink for lampp using these commands  sudo ln -s lampp-version/ lampp
    11. For the change php version remove old symlink using these commands  sudo rm -r lampp
    12. Create a new symlink for another version using the above commands and then check PHP version again with command = php -v
    13. Your version is changed! 🙂 😎 ❤

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